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On the road to the Eyrie, Brienne stumbles upon Arya practicing her water dance. At first, Brienne doesn’t realize WHO she’s talking to, simply after the Hound emerges from behind a sway, she’s able to set two and II together. Brienne tries to explain to Arya that she swore an swearing to Catelyn to protect her, only later the Hound sees the Valyrian steel blade that Jaime gave her, he comes to the termination that she bingo game for adults was dispatched by the Lannisters. The Hound and Brienne square up murder and what follows is one of the most brutal and epos fight sequences in Game of Thrones story. After painful murder part of the Hound’s spike and repeatedly clobbering him indium the point with A rock, Brienne manages to squeeze him off the edge of a cliff. But past the time she gathers herself, Arya is gone.

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